a) Minors are not allowed access without an adult companion

b) The only animals allowed entrance are guide-dogs

c) Visitors may not damage or pick any type of plants

d) Visitors may not pick up, steel, hurt or kill any animals inside the installations

e) Visitors may not take down any nests or touch any of the birds or eggs inside the nests

f) Visitors may not destroy, damage or use equipments, structures and ornamental displays inappropriately

g) Visitors may not take away any type of stones, earth, shingle, sand, clay or gravel

h) Visitors may not extract water from the lakes or use them to bath or fish in; they also should not throw any type of objects, liquids or debris
into the waters

i) Visitors may not enter inside the premises with any kind of motor operated vehicles except people with electric wheelchairs

j) The use of bicycles, tricycles, skates or skateboards is not permitted inside the premises

k) Visitors are not allowed to walk outside the designated paths

l) Visitors are not allowed to climb any of the trees or shrubs on display, nor any type of railings, fences, walls or structures

m) Visitors are not allowed access to any enclosed areas

n) Visitors are not allowed to play with balls or other similar objects inside the premises

o) Visitors may not use any electronic devises or make any type of noise that could disturb other visitors

p) Pick nicks inside the premises are not permitted

q) Visitors may not light any fires

r) Visitors may not smoke

s) Visitors may not abandon waste



Visitors need to ask for permission to:

• Take photos, paint or draw with commercial ends

• Paint using an ease

• Take photographs using a tripod

• Have a collection for charity

• Distribute promotional materials